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    Doobywooby - it's a hard decision that's for sure. Make sure to research to get the actual statistics on the risk of scar rupture as I was surprised by how minimal the difference (for after 1CS, bikini type cut etc) was between the risk of any woman having uterine rupture.

    On the haemarroids - I had these after my emergency CS. I had contractions but did not get even close to 'active' labour and a million miles from pushing. These are a pregnancy thing rather than a delivery thing (though I bet delivery can make them aparent/worse). Mine also cleared up quite quickly and have not reappeared yet.

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    I don't know if I can help you decide. DS was breech (ie planned cs) and DD was a VBAC, so I was in the same boat as you.

    I went into the birth with the knowledge I had a high risk of ending up with a repeat cs, but since I had never been in labour, I didn't know how I would go. The midwives and the obst at my hospital were all pro-VBAC, but there were a lot of conditions on being allowed to try. I was very open about that too - I knew they had to cover their butts and wanted me and bub to be safe.

    DD's birth was horrendous. I totally agree with your friend - due to problems with the birth, the recovery was as bad (if not worse) than a cs.

    BUT I don't think that the problems I experienced had anything to do with the fact it was a VBAC. People have bad births all the time. The chances are pretty even that you will end up with a great birth.

    I don't regret my VBAC at all, and I would encourage you to try IF you are fit and healthy. You will need to be ready for it, and have no other health problems. The reasons I think it was good to have a VBAC (even if it was horrendous) are:
    (a) a bad birth recovery is about the same as a planned cs recovery. Chances are you will get a good birth and all will be fine.
    (b) mentally I feel better about it - I felt very guilty about my cs (the too-posh-to-push guilt)
    (c) you are in a much better position IF you are looking to go for baby #3

    Repeat cs's are not always the best. I have a friend who has been told she can never have another after her third cs. Her scar is too fragile.

    Another friend had her third cs mid-Feb. Her recovery has been horrible. She has had repeat infections and is currently back in hospital away from her 10-week-old baby.

    So don't be frightened of a vaginal birth. Go with the flow. Good luck.

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