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    Yes, I think it is a tricky situation. I think it was a behavioural/speech type issue it is much harder, as it can be very subjective with many variables. A medical issue is a little different, but comes down to how well you know the parent, your own knowledge/experience and of course, how you approach the subject. I have broached these type of things before with close family, but have chosen my words very carefully and it has always gone down well (I think ) however I think it helps that I work as a health professional. I would like to think if there was something I was missing, then I would like a family member to mention it, as I would know they have my childs best interest at heart. What I choose to do with that input however is my decision .

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    Thanks ladies . I guess there is alot of things to consider when and if approaching what could be a touchy subject.
    I did have a couple of people express concern to me over my first but just nodded and went on my way. I knew he was attempting at least 50 words by age 2 and stringing little sentences but I think you get that alot with kids that only the mum can understand.
    He is now in speech but I put that due to my laziness in correcting him when he would say words incorrectly and instead of correcting him speaking his language by saying the words incorrectly back to him whilst communicating (that sentence I just wrote is a mess) All trial and error hey
    Thanks for your input


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