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That would be like blaming, or prosecuting the little boy that Dana mccaffery caught whooping cough off because he was unvaccinated. I am very pro vax, but even I don't think unvaxxed people should be prosecuted for not vaxxing and then passing on diseases.
I think the parents of kids who are old enough to be unvaccinated but arent, and who pass on a disease to kids who aren't old enough to be vaccinated and who die,should be charged.

With the circumcision death I think its a little different. The parents need to know that their child died of an Unecessary medical procedure that they authorized. Their poor decision making contributed to the tragedy and they need to know this (they probably do already). I don't think they can be held mostly responsible though. The majority of the responsibility falls on the doctor who performed the procedure. The doctor is the trained medical professional who should know the ins and outs of the benefits (or lack thereof)of the procedure. The doctor should have been aware of additional risk factors such as hemophilia and tested accordingly.