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    At first I thought gee a poor young girl is having a baby too early and is in over her head. Now I am thinking gee this woman is rising to the challenge and is going to have a great life with her baby.

    Keep your head high and your chin up.

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    I wish I was as strong as you when I was your age. I dated the same person for 10 years starting when I was 15 (he was 18). By the time I was 18 he had cheated on me at least 4 times and it didn't stop there. I was young and stupid. You, my dear, are not!! You will be just fine.

    The best and the hardest thing to do by far is to not talk to him. Just know that there will be moments when you will doubt what you're doing. Just realize they will pass. I always called my sister when I felt like calling him. That little voice inside your head is so much smarter than we give it credit for. If it's telling you to leave, no matter what the reason, then leave! The other thing I would recommend is tell your family now. If they know, they will help you any way they can. It also gives you someone to answer to if you even think about going back. Sounds strange, but you're emotionally blackmailing yourself. But in a good way.

    You will have a much better life for you and your baby. A year from now, when you're looking into that baby's eyes, you'll feel so amazed at how strong you were. You'll be reduced to tears thinking how you would do anything to protect that little one - and, hopefully you'll realize you were a fantastic mother even before s/he was born because you already have.

    You're such a strong woman and one hell of a mother!! And if you forget that or doubt that, come back on here. I'm only one of about 40 others who'll remind you.


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