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    Unhappy Why can't I express anymore? What's going on?

    Bubs is now 4 months old and since about 12 weeks I haven't been able to express anymore, as in I try and get maybe 10ml. My BBs no longer feel full and bubs has dropped a feed. At first I was really worried but then read on here somewhere that your supply settles after awhile but I am still worried because I can't express. In the early days I was getting 80-100mls but now its basically nothing. (Maybe I need a better pump)
    Bubs is fed with only breastmilk so I do like to have some in the freezer if for any reason I am away from her.

    I tried breastfeeding support tablets but I am thinking they make bub upset and grizzly and really fuss at the breast, but it also was a growth spurt week so who knows, and I really didn't notice an increase at all. Same with the lactation cookies, no noticable increase

    So now I am starting to freak out that my supply is dropping and I don't know how to increase it I wouldn't even know where to start when choosing formula which isn't something I really want to do yet anyway

    Did this happen to anyone else?
    I would love suggestions from anyone on how I can try and increase my supply as I really want to continue breastfeeding and giving expressed milk


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    This has NOTHING to do with supply. It's so common for it to get harder to express now, your breasts are better at things and producing milk on demand instead of having it sitting in the breasts and your body is conditioned to the baby.

    Keep going with a regular pumping routine and RELAX don't stress about output and your body may decide to cooperate again.

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    I have no trouble with supply but I have never had any luck with pumping! Every time I tried I was lucky to get 20ml from both boobs after 20 minutes pumping each side. Tried all sorts of things to relax etc but it just didn't happen. I even tried 2 different types of pumps (one was hospital grade) and still had no success.

    I was told that some women just can't pump. Their boobs will not be tricked by a pump and will only produce when there is a baby on them! So this could be you also.

    DS is 14 months old and I am still breast feeding successfully. Yes it was hard sometimes not being able to express so I could have a break and leave him with someone else, but I managed. I could have given him formula if I was really desperate but didn't want to go down that route unless I really needed to.

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    Yup same here, I used to express a lot while DH was at home and my mum was here too but after he went back to work and mum left I would just breastfeed on demand and from 3 months on I couldn't express but DD is now 11 months and I still have milk which she takes 3/4 times a day so my supply was and is still good just couldn't express it out. Also as your supply gets established your breast will feel empty or rather not full but it just means you don't have excess supply.

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    have a nursing vacation where for 2 days you do almost nothing except feed and express. have you got a double pump? I was told to expres straight after a feed for 10-15mins each breast. This will tell the body the baby is hungry and will make more.
    By doing it straight after every feed you are not taking much of the baby's next feed. You won't get much at first but if you want to increase supply rather than fill the freezer then this is the better way to go.
    i did this recently and was only able to express 3x each day for 2 days and the third day i noticed an increase in supply.


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