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    Default at wits end with 3 yr olds behavior is this "normal"?

    I say 3 but he turns 3 in 2 weeks.
    He goes from 0 to 100 on a temper scale in 2 seconds flat over everything and it is a full blown melt down over everything!! He will want something like a snack he asks for grapes I get them and the boom without warning screaming kicking tears yelling etc because I didn't let him put them in the bowl it is beyond a normal tantrum I think. Also he repeats himself over and over until I repeat back what he is saying for example if his cup is red he will say red one a red one a red one and will not stop until I say a red one back to him is this normal for his age? By the time my husband gets home from work I need to remove myself from the house for 20 mins cause I need a break from my son

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    Yes very normal. I started a thread about my youngest when she was 3y1m because she would get upset at the drop of a hat, and many other parents responded in kind.

    For my youngest, the phase only lasted a couple of months. Now she is 4yo and I'm concerned that she seems to get "sad" easily and not snap out of it. Hopefully this is just a new phase.

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    Yep cant say its not normal! I have a 3 year old atm, he can be a head case! Has to have the blue cup with the yellow spoon, and if he cant get it himself complete melt down! Very normal! But honestly if its getting too much just tell him hes hurting your head or something lol i do it to mine and he calms down for a while! Being quite frank with them seems to work with me, ie: Ds4 was having a complete nervous breakdown this morning cause he asked for weetbix for brekky but half way thru making them he changed his mind and absolutely had to HAVE cornflakes! So a power struggle started and ended with me just plainly saying, Man your hurting my brain, just eat your weetbix, then the conversations went to how much he hurts mummys brain as we walked to the table to eat weetbix .... Not sure if that will help with you but anything is worth a try! And dont feel bad about needed timeout when your Dh gets home! This too is normal!! Everyone needs some space


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