Hi there! Are you pregnant and looking for a caring and nurturing experience in your pregnancy?

I am a student midwife and I am looking for women who are less than 35 weeks pregnant to share their pregnancy, birth and post natal experiences with me.

As part of my degree, I am lucky enough to be required to share with 20 women an experience called "Continuity of Care". In this experience, I attend with you a minimum of 2 postnatal and antenatal appointments and your labour and birth experience.

For you there is an opportunity to contribute to the education on a student midwife and to have a familiar face with you at all appointments.

Past participants in the program have all enjoyed the experience and found it rewarding.

Your current care givers will still be the lead care givers and you are able to pull out of the experience at any time you wish.

A little about me I am a mother of one and I am passionate about supporting women through the experience of pregancy and birth. I am interested in natural health and all facets of pregnancy health.

If you are interested in learning more please reply to this thread or PM me.