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    Default 4.5 month old having separation anxiety

    DS is 4.5 months old and about a week ago, he is refusing to go to anyone but me. Whilst its a little sweet, I'm slowly going insane. He hates being on the floor, in his bouncer etc. as soon as he reaches my arms he stops. I can't even go to the bathroom without him screaming. DH can't take him for long. Since he was born he has always been given to friends for cuddles Etc and often goes to MIL for a few hrs once a week or fortnight. So he is fine with them when he can't see me. Please tell me there is something I can do.

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    Hi Sarah18,

    I dont have any special tips but only can suggest to have more people interact with your DS, which you have already been doing. Maybe get them to come to your house so DS can get to know them on home ground?

    My DS hasnt shown serious separation anxiety yet (hopefully not!) but the other day when I was cleaning the corridor and he couldnt see me, he started to cry (not badly). When I reappeared he was happy again. I thought that was coincidental and purposely did it again and again and it wasnt coincidental. He was really thinking mummy had disappeared and was fretful every time i disappeared from hsi sight. I made a peekaboo game out of it. I read that it is good playing this game with bubba so maybe you can try. Let him know you will be back.

    I am starting to tell DH that we had better let DS2 get cuddles from lots of people soon cos I am his sole caregiver atm. We dont have relatives here. He just sees me and DH every day. Better start inviting friends over to get him to know that there are other people on this planet. Separation anxiety can be distressing for baby and stressful for mummy!


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