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    Default The User Infraction System

    The User Infraction System is designed to make moderation of the site more automated and more consistent.

    Infractions are the punishment you receive for breaking the forum rules. Before you receive an infraction, the mods will generally give you warning to change your ways. If you continue in that action, you will receive an infraction.

    When you receive an infraction, there will be a number of points that is associated with that particular infraction, and if you accrue 10 or more infraction points you will be banned. Some infractions are worth 2 points, some are worth 4 points, and a select few are worth 10 points straight up. These points expire after a certain length of time, but once you are banned, that is permanent.

    The infractions/warnings given can NOT be viewed by other Bubhub members. The infractions/warnings are only issued after the moderating team has discussed the post/topic in detail. The infractions/warnings that are given are final. Details of any warnings/ infractions/ points that are given, are NEVER discussed with any other bubhubbers.

    If the moderating team notices that a member is posting in a consistently heated manner, they may implement a temporary ban, allowing the member to step away from the topic/forum.

    Please note - members of the moderating team do not enjoy sending infractions to the members of the forum. Infractions are only given after the moderating team has discussed the post/topic and decided as a team that a rule has been breached.

    We are proud of our forum and the level of decorum and standard of friendliness and positive support which is exhibited here. The vast majority of our members are also happy with the way in which the site is conducted and this system will not affect the way in which those members interact on our site.

    Here are the specifics regarding infractions.

    Infraction points are like green, yellow and red cards in sport. You accrue points for certain misdemeanours. If you accomplish the difficult task of accumulating 10 infraction points, your forum membership will be revoked.

    Infraction points do expire after a set time. The points and expiry period are for each rule are:

    Not posting in the Spirit of Bubhub - 4 points - expire after 12 months
    Unapproved advertising or promotion - 2 points - expire after 6 months
    Minor infringements - 2 points - expire after 6 months
    Unacceptable infringements - total ban - no expiration

    Look at the rules here for more information on each rule.

    If you are banned, that means you will have accrued 10 points or more in less than a year. In this case, your banning will be PERMANENT and the timeframe for when points expire will become irrelevant. We feel that if you have broken the rules enough times to be banned, you will have received more than enough warning to change your behaviour before being banned, and therefore continuing to break the rules is completely unacceptable, and your access to the forum would be removed indefinitely.

    Permanent bans will only be reversed if there are extreme extenuating circumstances.
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