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    Quote Originally Posted by loislane2010 View Post
    The whinging, the tantrums the refussing to listen and the tourmenting her 2yo brother are really starting to get to me.
    Trying to get her to do anything...shower, dressed, picking up toys all ends in a screaming tantrum. Getting her ready for kindy is just rediculous. I almost cant be bothered with it. When its time to go home from somewhere...cue the tantrum. She whinges constantly and its driving me crazy.

    Also, shes started talking gibberish...WTF is that about.

    All she want to do is watch tv and even her favourite things to do (crafts etc) she whinges all though.

    someone please tell me this is normal or how to parent a 4 year old!!!!
    I agree that with another poster that there was no such thing as terrible 2's, it was 3 and 4yr old behaviour that was the challenge with ds1 but he is nearing 5 now and the behaviour is gone

    How are you dealing with the behaviour? I found that as hard as it is sometimes not making such a fuss did wonders because the behaviour is likely to settle if your child realises they won't get attention from it.

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    Yep, never mind the terrible twos..its the F***ing Fours that are the worst!! Really I think the only answer is constistency, consistencey, consistency, in you discipline method. At 4 they are finding their independence from you and are testing the boundaries in every which way. Set clear boundaries on your expectations and the consequences for overstepping the mark. I use time-out (ie 4 minutes timeout after one warning), but I don't think it really matters what you use as long as you are completely consistent.

    I agree with poor/not enough sleep being very detrimental to good behaviour, esp once schooling starts. Having a very consistent bedtime routine really helps, and is worth the effort establishing.

    Good luck and hang in there! I found 4 tough, then it gets better for a bit but 7 - arggghhhh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monster & Boof View Post
    My 4yo is the same! He went a little bad at 3 but 4 golly gosh! I really hope it ends. Surely there is light at the end of the tunnel. Apparently they can act up when they start kindy especially if they have never been in a structured environment but I think generally it's a 4yo thing!
    I love him to bits but he nags, whines, cries, torments his little bro and is generally a brat at least 90% of the day. I go to bed exhausted every single night!
    We had a marvelous weekend of hardly any tantrums and he was so well behaved but yesterday back to square one!
    I have started a tub... If he is being naughty I take 2 of his favorite toys and put them in the tub and then when he is being good he can choose 1 to have back. This is really working for him, it's hard and causes more tantrums when I first take them but it has really helped with his behavior. Other than that he can "cool" down in his bedroom at his own accord or if its terrible he can sit in the corner for 5minutes.
    4year olds are HARD work! Def the hardest age I've dealt with so far! 2year olds are a dream compared!
    I love the tub idea, might steal that one if that's ok


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