Hi Everyone

New poster here!

I've got a 10.5 months old bub who loves playing with other kids.

She often plays with the neighbors kids (5months, and 2.5yrs, both goes to childcare full time),

We are moving from our place in Dee Why to Brookvale mid this year, and we are interested in getting bub to meet with other bubs.

Just a bit of background, we are both Chinese, but we speak to bub in English. She loves her solids and is yet to give up her goodnight feed (boobie).

We are going on a cruise in April, so hopefully will have lotta stories to share.

She loves kids but can be a bit rejecting of other adults lol.

I am looking at putting her into childcare for about 2days just to socialize but would love to keep her for the other days before she grows up and don't want mummy and daddy anymore.

We are also planning a trip to Japan early 2014 ( snowboarders), before settling down and planning for bub number 2 and 3.

We love to travel, but has been a bit limited ATM. She hates being in the car.

Anywyas, I don't know what else to write.

If you think you are in a similar boat plz let me know.