all i did was went to my gp for my blood results in SA if going public they give you a 1300 number which you call and they work out which hospital is in your zone, luckily i got to choose between two, one a country hospital, which is great if your not high risk or have any issues if you do they transfer you to the other hosp in my zone, which i have choosen incase i do have another m/c, or any other issues, i had my first antental appt at 8wks (they normally see you at 10wks but i have quite a few factors that make me high risk) i do have private health, but am choosing public, this hospital is one of the best birthing hospitals in SA, although i have had bad experiences there when i miscarried last, but that was via the ED, the hosp organises everything from when you have your NT scan (i refused) morphology scan (takes 1hr and you find out gender at 20wks, but im going to have 3d and 4d scans done at about 16wks to find out gender) they have organised my glucose test which i need to have at 14 weeks due to high bmi and having pcos, they are even putting in to place extra support with me as i suffer depression, so a mental health midwife will be in close contact, the hosp is amazing they are organising EVERYTHING takes alot off your mind