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    I am having trouble siding with either sets of adults.

    The surrogate: if she thinks the only way she can support herself and her existing child is to rent out her uterus then chances are she's a stubby short of a 6 pack. She's not doing it for altruistic motives... Otherwise she wouldn't have accepted $15,000 for an abortion. Sounds like she tried to blackmail the parents and when that backfired played the 'oh but I wasn't really going to do it' card. She probably thought her best chance at earning $$ was to dramatize things as much as possible to make a future book deal all the more juicy. Whether I think her actions are right or wrong she went against a contract and can't complained if she gets sued. I mean seriously: why sign a contract agreeing to abort for severe abnormalities if you aren't prepared to do it.

    As for the 'parents' that paid the surrogate. They had 3 kids already. Why did they want a fourth? Did they want the 'perfect' family with the perfect number of kids? I can't help thinking that such a 'me' motive for having a Kid, together with the 'mother' not being biologically connected to the child, meant they didn't bond with the bub.. That it was more of a business transaction for them. That the baby was dispensable from the get go if it wasn't perfect. I wonder if this is why the wife was the driving one behind the abortion (easier decision to make when it's not your flesh and blood and its not your uterus.... Sounds like the controller in the relationship...poor hubby). I question their smarts too as they 'chose' a lady who was unemployed and renting out her uterus for a living. It's like taking advantage of the disadvantaged. If they wanted someone who was likely to fully understand and abide by be contract then they should have chosen their surrogate more carefully. The stubby short of a 6 pack lady well that's who they chose that's who they got.

    Perhaps it's a good thing it's illegal to pay surrogates in Australia (reduce the chances of the rich exploiting the poor, increase the quality of the surrogate if she's not being paid).

    Since both sets of adults leave a sour taste in my mouth I am going to have to be on team baby. And, once a baby is here and smiling, how can one say that is a mistake?.
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