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    Hey everyone,

    so at the moment i'm in the process of getting tested for endometriosis, i have all the symptoms and my gynaecologist is pretty sure thats what it is. i went to hospital a few months ago in severe pain in my pelvic area and i basically couldnt walk, this had never happened to me before and they told me i had cysts on my ovaries, a few weeks later i didnt have any pain until a month ago and now its really bad, it comes and goes but im always bloated i get these sharp pains where my ovaries are, i cant walk sometimes the pain is that bad..
    i'm really worried about having endometriosis, i always wanted to have children and now i'm feeling like i might not be able to.
    i would really like some advice on what to do or any natural remedies i can use in the mean times to stop the pain until i find out next week wether i will be put on the pill or not (another long story as to why im not on it already)

    i basically just need to hear from someone who has it, not a doctors perspective.


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    Hi CaitlinorLena, I just read your post, how did you go at the doctors? As for natural remedies, I don't really know. I've only just very recently found out I had endo. I didn't think it would be as bad as it was. When I first got my period at 13, it was horrific...I was always in intense pain, af lasted at months on end & this may be tmi but I always had a lot of blood loss & big clots. I tried several different pills & found one that seemed to agree with me. All of a sudden when I was 22 all that just seemed to disappear. I was really nervous coming off the pill at 25/26 when we were ready to ttc but I never had any of those same issues again.

    I've just recently had surgery which apparently is the only way to confirm if u have it for sure. I wish I had done this a long time ago because they were able to remove it. My doctor said without the surgery I wouldn't have been able to grow a healthy baby (but that's also because mine was everywhere too). I wish I had gotten the surgery earlier now

    So sorry for such long reply, I hope ur doctors appt went well & you got some answers. If not, keep going until you find one that listens. The only one that would listen to me was an ob/gyn. Gp's continually told me it was normal!!


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