ALDI and the team at Bub Hub are giving 30 lucky Bub Hubbers the opportunity to trial ALDI's top rated Mamia Nappies.

See below for more details and for reviewer criteria.

There's a quick turnaround on this one - so get your application post in by 10am (Brisbane time) TOMORROW (Friday 1 March) Make sure that your baby is in the required weight range and ensure that your reviewer panel address details are up-to-date!

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Some of the great new features of Mamia infant unisex nappies include:

- Comfy Flex
o Soft and stretchy sides have been introduced to allow babies to move and stretch their bodies. The nappy fits snugly and moves with your toddler, helping to keep a cosy fit and stay leak proof on the go. When secured correctly, Comfy Flex will ensure the rear waist is snug against your toddler’s back.
- No more scratchy waist bands
o The Comfy Flex stretchy sides won’t irritate your toddler’s skin.
- Discreet Triple Layer Core
o Mamia’s triple layer core is now thinner and more comfortable. This new technology still has all the anti-leak characteristics, absorbency and ‘wet proof’ characteristics demanded by parents. So, thinner and better! Thinner product means less use of the world’s resources, from the raw materials used to produce and pack the nappies.
o How can this be? Materials used to make nappies have improved over time, allowing them to be made more soft and comfortable, as well as highly absorbent. Traditionally thick nappies are now thinner, ‘just like underwear’, with enhanced performance, manufactured with more of the absorbent materials that work, and less of the bulky materials that don’t work!
- Is the ALDI nappy breathable?
o Mamia Supa Fit nappies use state of the art materials that help your baby’s skin breathe by allowing air through the back and front panels without affecting the leakage performance of the nappy.
o All materials used to make Mamia Supa Fit nappies are dermatologically tested for use in nappies, so you can be sure that these nappies and soft and highly absorbent, and deliver on your expectations of a world-class product.

Reviewers will need to meet the following criteria –
  • you have a baby who weighs between 4-8kg
  • can be either a boy or girl – these nappies are unisex
  • you would be able to use this product and write a review (at least 50 words long) by the 13th of March. (We understand this is a short timeframe and appreciate your speedy delivery
  • you are a member of our Reviewer Panel (you can join up - info here)
  • your Reviewer Panel details are up-to-date with your current address
  • you live in Australia
To apply:
  • write in this thread and tell us why we should select you
  • please confirm that the address you have entered into the Reviewer Panel details of your profile are currently correct by writing 'address is correct' in your application. If you do not do this, your application will not be considered
To check your address in your profile, go to User Control Panel > Edit Profile and scroll down to the Reviewer Panel Street Address and Suburb fields. These details CANNOT be seen by anybody other than our administrators.

We'll be selecting 30 reviewers from all the posts made by 10am, Friday 1 March 2013 (Brissie time)!

If you are selected as a reviewer you must provide us with a written review by Wednesday 13 March (we appreciate that this is a short turnaround time - if you would not be able to post a review by the time, please don't apply on this occasion).

When we select reviewers, we give preference to regular contributors to our community and those who have posted in our reviews section previously. (How to add a review guide.) So if your review total = 0, the chances are you won't get picked! You can review nappies (disposable & cloth), wipes, your local park and whole heap of other pregnancy & parenting items. So get to it if you want a chance to get your hands on this fabulous travel companion!!!

And if you miss out this time, don't worry, there will be plenty of other opportunities coming up soon! Subscribe to this section to make sure you are the first to hear about any opportunities.

If you are not a member of our Reviewer Panel and you would like to be considered for FREE products, find out how to you can join up here.