Hello Ladies,
I am a 32 year old Student Midwife from ACU. I am a second year student and as part of my degree, I need to follow 19 women through their pregnancies from no later than 35 weeks gestation to 6 weeks following the birth. The program is called the Continuity of Care experience and is a fantastic opportunity for women who are navigating an often very fragment maternity system to have a familiar support person and advocate with them through out the journey. Continuity of Care has been scientifically proven to increase the chances of both a positive experience and a positive outcome for birth and pregnancy. I work with the women that partake in the program to help them achieve what it is that is important to them. I can attend appointments and births or alternatively meet with you in a more casual setting and talk about your experience. The most important thing to me is to help each woman achieve the birth that she wants regardless of where or how she wishes to birth. As a student Midwife my support also extends partner or who ever else is important to the woman at this time. So far all the women I have shared the journey with have had very positive experiences.
If you might be interested in having a student midwife for extra support or would like some more information please do not hesitate to contact me.
Kind Regards
Sarah Bird