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    Default Should I be monitoring fetal movement or doing kick counts?

    Hi girls,

    My ob hasn't mentioned this at all and didn't even ask me when I started to feel the baby move.

    I'm 24 weeks and started feeling distinct kicks and rolls at 18 weeks. My baby moves all the time now - I haven't noticed a distinct daily pattern, but he seems to kick a lot when I'm sitting at my desk at work - in the morning at around 11, and in the afternoons.

    3 of my friends have experienced still birth in the third trimester and it really scares me. Yesterday the baby didn't seem to be as active as he usually is, although he certainly did move. I wasn't sure if I should be concerned so I googled it and read online that pregnant women should do 'kick counts' every day to check that bubs is moving in a normal pattern every day so that you can identify if you have reduced fetal movement and report it to the doctor.

    Is anyone else doing this? I don't want to feel anxious every day counting kicks and worrying about the baby if I don't have to. Is it ok so long as you feel him move every day? I would definitely be concerned if I went a whole day without him moving.

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    I never counted any kicks, some days I would get to the end if the day and forget if I had felt them kick that day, so I would lay down quietly and feel them, just to reassure myself.
    I think 'counting' would put unnecessary stress on you, some babies move more than others, you will also notice periods when baby is quieter than others.

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    I was told only to do kick counts if you notice a distinct and significant decrease in movements. Otherwise it would become all consuming and it isn't really necessary.

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    I wouldn't bother doing kick counts every day, only if you've noticed significantly reduced/ no movement in a day. I was asked to do a kick count with DS when I had significantly reduced movement at 32 weeks. I ended up having to go in for monitoring, and they gave me a kick count chart to record over the next few days just to make sure things were ok.

    I'm 33 weeks now with #2 (which is a little acrobat) and I often get to the end of a busy day and can't really remember if I've felt anything, so I just lay down quietly and concentrate, and sure enough get lots of movement which reassures me.
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