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    Exactly. You have no idea what it does to a pregnant woman and an unborn baby. Untested.
    Untested on pregnant women, as another poster has said studies have been done on non pregnant people and these have showed that any chemical that have passed through are in such a minority that it is highly, highly implausible they could have any effect in anything, ever.

    I also offered another alternative, to the OP, in regards to ammonia free colours, plus others suggestions of foils instead of global colours

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    my doctor's advice on hair dye? 'just don't drink the stuff'

    my hair is coloured black & bright turquoise at the moment, I've held off rebleaching my regrowth, but more because i'm a bit of a tight **** & can't be bothered scheduling an appointment at the moment ( i never bleach myself, too paranoid i'll screw it up & all my hair will fall out :/ )

    i plan on going full turquoise once i go on my maternity leave & dont have to worry about what work thinks!

    i understand the whole concept of 'well if something goes wrong you'll feel guilty'. well, something did go wrong before. and i know it had absolutely nothing to do with anything that i did in the 6 weeks prior.


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