I'm currently on the Implanon (since March 2011) and have always had (regular) doubled protected intercourse (implanon & condom) with my SO.
However, about a week or so ago (Feb.16), we had intercourse without the condom (still w/ implant) and also used withdrawal (he did not ejaculate inside of me).
Last week I had been feeling quite ill/weird - a weird/heavy feeling in my stomach and a sick feeling in my throat; I did vomit a couple of times.

My GP thought this was due to acid reflux as I had trouble with heartburn & indigestion about a week or so beforehand.
I'm due for my period this week and today I have started getting quite crampy & an amount of period pain, along with brown/bloody discharge (around last week I had developed a creamy white discharge).

What do you think this discharge is? Implantation (due to aforementioned info.), or just my period beginning? My breasts/nipples are not sensitive, and my face had broken out quite a bit last week, if that helps at all.

Thanks :-)