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    Default A Q about renting- opinions please

    So a bit of background... I rent a 2br unit built in 1984; original owner passed away in the unit & left it to her only child. Ever since it's been a renter. I am only the 2nd tenant and last one was here more than 10 years. I've been here 2 years. Since there has never been a mortgage on the property the rent is fairly cheap ($260 a week). Identical neighbouring units rent for $310 a week.

    Anyway the unit is in original condition- by this I mean original bathroom carpets stove has never been repainted etc.

    So my question is it reasonable to expect repairs be done such as regrouting tiles where there is next to no grout left; replacing light fittings that blow bulbs once a fortnight; patching holes in the ceiling that have been there prior to moving in? Every time I have a 3 monthly inspection I make these requests to which I am told 'the owner has approved that repair I don't know why it hasn't been done yet'. I have 6 months to go on my lease and given its considered fairly 'cheap' rent is it reasonable to put up with no grout in tiled areas (in turn mould problems) holes in the roof and having to buy 6 new light bulbs every month?

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    Default A Q about renting- opinions please

    I'd be on to the real estate about it and tell them if you don't see action you'll go to the tenancy tribunal.

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    Default A Q about renting- opinions please

    Exactly what is said above. I can sympathise we have repairs that have needed doing for 3 years but getting it all done is like getting blood out of a stone.

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