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    Default Teething - severe signs - how long?!

    DS is 6 months and has been an excellent sleeper and self-settler, sleeping through since he was 2-3 months old and generally easy.

    The last few nights he's woken up at least once screaming, he's woken several times after short naps during the day and tonight took me hours to settle him. He was screaming and his head was sweating like crazy (but no temp). I googled and found that a sweaty head seems to be a reasonably common teething sign and he does have lumps on both top and bottom gums so I'm thinking it may be teething? If so, how long do these severe signs go on for? How suddenly will the actual teeth appear? Am I in for weeks of this?!

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    You poor thing! I think every child is different, our dd was an awful teether we didn't really sleep for about 8 months!!! She would have a really rough 2/3 weeks as her gums started to swell then a good couple nights, then again a cough 2/3 weeks untill they cut through (she always grew 4 teeth at a time) then another good couple days, then finally 1/2 weeks of sleepless nights as they grew in the pease and quiet untill the next set started!! Which for dd wasn't long as she is 17 months and has ALL her teeth!! I think it was difficult for her as she had soooo many sooo quickly that it was overwhelming! Now that it's over she is 12 solid hours a night, not a peep!! There is light at the end of the tunnel !!


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