I live in a small town, where it is literally impossible to get a daycare spot if you don't have an 'in' and where Kindys fill up very quickly.

Anyway, I put my son into the Kindy that was newly built, and attached to a Christian school, and the baptist church where we have gone to playgroup.

I am agnostic and sometimes heading toward atheist, but have a very Christian background. I sent V to this school because it most resembled my own school which I loved. Also, I knew we'd have a spot and a non-religious friend was sending her son too (she moved though).

I though there wouldn't be anything hardcore as its only Kindy, it's only 5 days a fortnight, but I was wrong.

So far, we have a few songs like 'trust in The Lord with all your heart', constant 'mum, God made me, and you and everyone and everything' and also; weirdly, a came called 'god didn't make me right' where he 'twists' himself into a knot. (Not getting my knickers in a twist yet, but I don't like the sound of this game. I'm investigating gently).

So, I have already decided that he will go to a public school next year, but I just didn't know how much they would drill it into him so early?! I have no right complaining, being that I am paying them to teach him.

I don't want to undermine them, they are also doing lots of great pre-education stuff, and I want him to develop a healthy respect for his teachers/the system etc, but how would some of you non-religious mummies gently let your little ones know that just because that's what the teacher said, it's not necessarily true?

He seems to be taking everything in like a sponge. Good for his writing, bad for all the god business.

When he goes to (public) school I intend to let him learn about religion, but in a 'people believe' way.