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    Default frequent feeds?

    ds has just turned 8 weeks old, we have been thru the growth spurts and wonder weeks where he was feeding every hour or less. i only just got thru it all before it actually almost killed me!
    Now im a bit confused and wondering if this is normal or if someone can help me out:
    ds is still feeding very frequently during the day, 2hourly or less but goes 5-6hr blocks o/night.
    Now, if he feeds, has a little floor time till he's clearly getting tired then sleeps for 30mins (all he does) then demands another feed and it's been less than 2hrs - do i feed him? or what? i find it almost impossible to get him back to sleep if in the back of my mind i feel he could be hungry. so i feed him and he usually falls asleep on the boob for another 15mins. :/ Then the feed cycle starts again.
    im worried im not filling him up which might be causing the frequent feeds. is he not letting the hind milk build up if he's feeding so frequently? i always wait untill he comes off on his own. He fusses about if i try to keep him on any longer once he's done in about 10mins. i do think he's getting enough milk, he's settled after feeds - his pooey nappies are massive and he does anywhere from 1-3 bm's a day.
    do i just go with it? for how long?
    he feeds so much better o/night and will go upto 5-6hrs between feeds.

    i will be getting him weighed at his 8week check up early next week, so i guess that will give me an idea if these frequent feeds are hindering his weight gain. If they are i wouldnt know what to do
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    Default frequent feeds?

    I wouldn't worry about it as long as he's putting on a good amount of weight. My dd took a couple of months to regulate her feeds, in time he'll start feeding for longer - when he has more energy! - and less frequently. Just go with whatever his demands are, sounds like you're doing great

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