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    I've never written a note, I always just ring up and say they're not coming in for whatever reason. I always give a reason particularly if it's because of a particular illness. The school asks that we let them know of the illness so if several kids have the same thing & there is something going round they can put it in the newsletter.

    Children who arrive later than 9.00 are asked to enter the school via the front door/office and let the office staff know they are there so they don't get marked absent.

    A couple of times we've had dentist appts and the girls have been late and then I write a note the day before letting the teacher know they will be late the next day because the have a dentist appt - I have always just given the reason, never thought not too.

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    When DD had Ross River, glandular and barmah forrest fevers (yes all three at once) she had almost a whole term where she might go to school for a 1/2 day once or twice a week. The school was great.


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