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    Default Reflux baby & low weight gain. Can formula top ups make things worse?

    Hi ladies,
    My LO is 19weeks and has been suffering from reflux since ~6wks. He's on 10mg Losec/day and recently has started to struggle to put on weight. Dropped from 10th-25th to the 3rd percentile

    Anyway...so now I'm riding the vicious cycle of baby in pain due to reflux but also baby unhappy due to low milk supply (CYH nurses have suggested this due to his all day feeding, increased night waking to feed, falling weight, more aggitated, unable to express much BM etc etc)

    I have started topping up after each feed which is a challenge in itself as he hates the bottle. I thought I had turned a corner as the last few days he has managed 30-40mls after a feed...but this seems to have made him even more unsettled

    Did anyone else have problems when switching to or topping up with formula? So hard to tell what causes his pain now with the reflux just ruining everything!!! After his feed this afternoon he took 40mls and then screamed the house down poor little man.

    I am just after some opinions? Full tummy? Wind? More food upsetting reflux? Simply just wanting the comfort of the boob....urgghh I don't know.

    He won't drink the thickened formulas so I'm just using a karicare aptamil...seems to be the winner with him so far.

    Thanks for your opinions

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    Default Reflux baby & low weight gain. Can formula top ups make things worse?

    He may have an issue with cows milk protein, and the formula may be giving him tummy pain. If this is the case, he might need prescription formula for the top ups. Or even one where the milk proteins are partially broken down (I think they are "HA" ones, but not 100% sure)
    Have you tried to boost your supply with lactogenic foods or medications? Are you drinking enough water- this can really affect supply.


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