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    Default Transition to the toilet from potty?

    My DS age 3 has been using the potty for almost 2 months now and is doing great! No accidents for a month now and has not wet bed once which is fantastic. But he won't use the big toilet only the little potty, he is afraid of the big toilet a few weeks ago we tried getting him to use the big toilet (we have one of the booster seats with steps made it fun etc) but he just screamed and cried and then after that he just started weeing his pants rather than use the big toilet and it took me a week to get him to even go back on the potty cause he for scared! So I don't know how to get him to want to use the big toilet ??
    He won't use toilet at pre school either?

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    How about using a reward chart? My DS was also not keen on the big toilet but each time he did use it we used the reward chart, it worked like a charm and he never looked back. We also then removed the potty and he seemed to forget all about it after a few days. Impressed that your DS has had dry nights, we have been nappy free for almost 2 years but still in nappies at night! Good luck.


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