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    Default Unusual period or very early miscarriage?

    I am confused as to whether I've got a unusual period this month or had a very early miscarriage (chemical pregnancy)? I Ovulated and DTD 15 days ago (trying the O plus 12 method to try to sway for a girl). Today had very strong cramps (I don't usually get cramps this bad when I get my period), followed by heavy bright red blood, along with bad lower back pain. Haven't passed any clots at this stage. Now my period isn't due for another 3-4 days (as usually have a longer cycle, and my period never comes early if anything I get it later then when it's due). I haven't taken a pregnancy test as was going to wait until my period was due before taking one. Haven't really had any pregnancy symptoms prior to this, expect a little bit of breast tenderness, I have been charting my temp and it has been up, but this morning was back down a again. Am I overreacting? Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

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    I just had pretty much exactly this. In the week before my period was due I had all the symptoms: sore boobs, nausea, fatigue, cramps. Then, 3 days before AF was due I started bleeding, which is VERY unusual for me to be early. It was very light, and then suddenly heavy with clots, and is still very heavy now 6 days later. I'm glad I came across this post, though I'm sorry you went through it too. I feel silly for being upset because it was just so early, but I just know it was a miscarriage, even if it was a very early one.


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