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    Unhappy Pregnosis faint line

    Hey everyone, just wondering how many people here have taken a Pregnosis test, gotten a faint line and you weren't pregnant.

    My boyfriend and I have only been together four months so not TTC by any means at all, and I have an Implanon in my arm (third one in a row in five years, after having them taken out and replaced after two miscarriages to my previous partner in '10 & '11) as well as having a history of PCOS, although my PCOS hasn't given me any reason to complain in the last three or so months.

    Here's the confusing part - despite the Implanon, I still have my cycle (though a LOT lighter and less painful then it used to be). Up until December my cycle has ALWAYS been 25 days on the dot, without fail. Then in January for some unknown reason it shortened to 17 days, which was confusing in itself, but fine. Then this month it hasn't come at all. If I work off a 25 day cycle, I am only 5 days late, but somehow 18 DPO, and if I work off 17 days, I am a whopping 13 days late but still at 18 DPO.

    Considering all options but staying realistic I went and bought a 2-test pack by Pregnosis (silly me, I should have read the product reviews beforehand). Came home, did the first test, but got a very faint line. Whereas the stick is meant to completely colour itself a purple shade, it only coloured itself in halfway up the line, and this is where I'm seeing the second line/positive result. So I got online thinking (and hoping) that it is a false positive, yet every forum post I've read said that they obtained a faint positive through Pregnosis and were actually pregnant. So as you can imagine I am feeling a lot like this:

    Another question: as it says the first urine of the day is the most reliable, do I leave taking the second test til tomorrow, or another couple of days down the track?

    Please help, I am now officially a nervous wreck

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    Default Pregnosis faint line

    Yes, wait until first thing in the morning, I have only used pregnosis once, 1 day before my period was due, and it was a dark positive.


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