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    Default Surviving the Weekends as a Step parent - how do you do it?

    It doesn't even enter my mind that I have to think of think of things to entertain my teenage stepson??
    I just take care of the other kids and do my own thing.
    I usually make sure I go out and leave DH and him to watch a movie or whatever on a Saturday night or I just go to bed.
    Your living arrangements sound.....well to be honest, excruciating for everyone. How long until your house is built?
    I think you need to disengage a little bit.

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    *chuckle* Ok I'm not a step-parent, or even a parent of teenagers but this one made me giggle just a little bit.
    Your SSs sound exactly like every other teenaged boy their age. They don't want to go out unless it's something that costs money, they don't want to do low cost things, they don't want to do anything that you want to do... Pretty sure that's the exactly what I was like as a teenager and I'm female. Apparently boys are worse!

    It sounds like you're kind of hoping to 'entertain' them to keep them out of the space. If you have a small space to live in that's understandable but honestly I don't think there's really much that you can do that will light their fire and get them out of the way as it were.
    Don't forget. You spend all week at work and want to sit and relax and do whatever you like. They do the same thing except they spend all week at school. They may just want to sit on their bums and do nothing. It's not their fault that they don't have the choice of where their bums are sat.

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    Default Surviving the Weekends as a Step parent - how do you do it?

    Lol I agree with Eko! I have 2 teenage boys still at home.

    Things they like:

    Online gaming
    Watching action movies plus gross comedy's
    Taking selfies of themselves in the bathroom
    Sport - playing or watching
    Straightening their hair!

    They sound pretty normal, I would hate to be trapped in the lounge with mine all week end we have barbies, games of pool, get them to help me cook etc to spend time together but other than that it's an age where parents are pretty secondary.

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    Default Re: Surviving the Weekends as a Step parent - how do you do it?

    Thanks everyone, it's nice to hear some different perspectives on teen boys, and that my step sons are pretty normal too!

    To be honest I am quite concerned they don't get out and socialise on any weekend (whether they are with us or their mother). Surely that can't be good for them? At their age I was hardly home and didn't want much to do with my parents really.

    I don't agree with kids of any age spending all day on video games either, but when they don't show interest on anything outside of that, what can we do?? The best I've managed to come up with is to try to get them to take regular breaks to give their eyes a rest.

    Yes, our living & financial situation isn't the greatest at the moment, and it is only temporary, but they were exactly the same before we moved in with my parents - they were just in a larger room.

    My DH tries his best engaging with them, but when all he gets back are mono syllable answers, what are you supposed to do with that? It's no wonder he ends up coming to me to actually get a decent conversation. He speaks with them on the phone every night (same mono as in person), is in regular contact with their schools and takes time off to take them to appointments, etc if needed- trust me, he's a more active parent than some men I know who live with their kids.


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