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    Default 10 month old fussy/not eating much solids.....any others??

    My 10 month old son is terrible with solids so I have two questions:-

    1. He GENERALLY will eat most dinners if I spoon feed him. I have been making the dinners quite chunky lately. How long can should you keep spoon feeding before it becomes a problem.

    2. I know a lot of people say there bubs are fussy eaters so would love to hear what/how much other fussy kids eat. My 10 months old eats;
    Breke: 1/2 weetbix with apple puree (generally doesnt get through it)
    Lunch: 1/4 sandwhich OR 1/3 cruskit (if Im lucky! Throws fruit on floor)
    Dinner: Our best meal - will eat small bowl of mashed vege/creamy tuna pasta/mashed chicken & vege & small bowl of yoghurt which I mash fruit in to
    I also breastfeed 4 times throughout the day - approx 5.30, 10.30, 2.30 & 6.30pm.

    Would really appreciate advice..... I dread meal times every day!!

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    Default 10 month old fussy/not eating much solids.....any others??

    Sounds perfect to me, 10 months is so young, how much more are you wanting him to eat?
    Spoon feeding is only a problem if you think it is a problem. I am quite envious as my DD refuses to be spoon fed (11months), it sure makes feed times really messy Have you tried finger foods? My DD1 hated finger foods until she was 18 months old, it has caused no problem at all.
    Also, 4 breastfeeds a day is great, unless he starts to lose weight, please don't worry too much.

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    Default 10 month old fussy/not eating much solids.....any others??

    Agree with pp , but I would encourage more finger foods and let him feed himself, it's messy but it's a great way for them to learn and he will eat as much as he wants

    try lots of flavours and a big variety of food now as you don't want him used to bland food , eat with him, show him how you eat , let him eat off your plate which I find encourages them
    To try things


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