Hello lovely ladies

Just wondering if anyone has been tracking their progesterone levels? I had a MMC last year and had low prog levels in the low 40s. Am now around 5 weeks (cautiously excited!) and my levels are in the low 80s. My FS says thats good, but I'm just wanting to check/correlate with others, especially as the 'normal level' ranges for first trimester I've been googling have been widely varying:
- anything above 30
- anything above 60
- 11-90
- in the hundreds
- (and, the most confusing) doubling every other day! (not sure whether those mums are referring to hcg?)

Sooooo I'm wondering does anyone have similar levels to me, or know of the australian ranges (I think a lot of the above may refer to the american units).

Any thoughts most sincerely appreciated! Although things are looking better for me this time re my prog levels I'm still scared of it happening again and I'm not allowing myself to get too excited yet.

but and just a little