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    OP, I was trying to make this same decision midway through last year. I chose teaching. All I have to say is please don't discount teaching as 'easy', simply because of its lower entry requirements for the course.

    I am currently studying Primary Education, and while I will admit that I find the coursework significantly less demanding than that of my previous degree, I think it is very important to remember that choosing to study or being afforded entry into a particular course or field does not, in itself, make you any more or less intelligent than anyone else. Also, natural aptitude for, and interest in, the subject matter will make a massive difference to the perceived difficulty of any course or activity.

    Personally, I detest the practice of using ATAR scores to determine which students are intellectually capable enough to be entered into certain courses. In my opinion, a large contributing factor to the level of success of students in the HSC is their ability to memorise and regurgitate large chunks of information while under pressure - not necessarily their ability to process, make sense of, and apply said information. But that's another discussion entirely
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