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    Default Natural Killer Cells & IVF

    Hi all, just wondering if there is anyone who may be or have been in a similiar siutation as I am at the moment. I have blocked fallopian tubes so my husband and I have been through 3 ET's (2 FET).

    Not having any success with the 3 ET's at our Clinic and finding the doctor follow ups to be non existent, we decided on a second opinion and changed clinics and subsequently transferred our remaining 3 embryos across.

    Since being at the new clinic and new doctor they have done so many more different tests and advised that they would have conducted most of them after the first failed cycle.

    The main one being the for Natural Killer cells (also referred to in some cases as Hostile uterus).

    We have today found out after I had an endometrium biopsy done last week that I have high levels, a level of 30 when it should be no more than 8 of NK cells. The doctor hasn't told me much more other than a treatment plan will be put in place and to call my nurse on my next period to arrange and find out more.

    Can anyone help me with what this means, and also, do I have reason to contact the original clinic and question why this NK cell test was not done earlier as we have now lost 3 of our strongest/healthiest embryos, been put through stress and emotional turmoil, not to mention the additional cost and financial strain.

    I'm upset as to it being another issue stopping us from conceiving naturally and relieved all at once to have an answer to why the first 3 cycles have not worked.


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    Default Natural Killer Cells & IVF

    Hi chumpybub
    There is another section in bubhub called Reproductive Immunology where the thread is active with lots of ladies with knowledge about NKC and who are on immune protocols.

    It is a shame that it took 3 cycles and a change of clinic to establish there is an issue. It goes to show that many FS don't really believe in the impact of NKC. I hope the change of clinic will make all the difference for you.


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