Agh.. Dp is so frustrating. Dd2 is meant to be in bed by 6.30 re sleep drs suggestion and we had dinner at my parents so were home by 7.30. I asked dp to put her to bed about half hour ago and he said hang on. After being on his phone then finally changing her nappy cos she pood he went to take the nappy to the bin and said hang on il take the Nappy to the bin then finish my conversation with my boss (thru texts) I said can you put her to bed first thn he said something to me like I had constantly nagged him which I didn't. For crying out loud if it was so important you wouldn't be texting you would be on the phone talking to him!!!!

Oh and if I wasn't BFing our youngest I wouldv put her to bed myself. He seriously would have a break down if he didn't hve his phone for 5 minutes!!!!