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    Default Mild Depression and Anxiety - Anyone had Citalapram before?

    Hi Everyone,

    Feeling a bit down , With all the regret and past things that have happened. It tens to come and go these issues. When Im feeling great it completely goes, if it comes back, it tends to come back even worse.

    I have had therapy and have a been OK from there but it has relapsed.

    Anyway, both my sister - in - laws are on Citalapram and it has worked for them, they love there life now, I heard that it balances the serotonin in the brain.

    Do you think this is a good tablet to take? I have been told by many that its great... I have never been on medication, I am really scared cause of side effects etc. So its all new to me.

    Is it better to go on meds to help with this awful feeling of anxiety, its a mixture of that and nervousness rath
    er than suffer from this feeling day to day ?

    Please give me you thoughts on any ladies who may have been on medication , any recommendation on meds etc?

    Would be great.


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    I'm sorry that you have been feeling this way. I would definitely go and see your GP and explain what you have been feeling and see what they can recommend.

    For me personally, citalopram has been a godsend. I have been on short courses (3-6 months) of it twice - once at 18 and once at 28. It just seems to balance everything out and my GP said I might just be one of those people that needs something like that every 10 years or so. I have come off it fairly easily over a 2 weeks period at the end of each course. It does make me feel quite flat when I'm on it - so not anxious but also not feeling as happy as normal either. But once I've come off it the highs have returned but that horrible, constant anxious feeling hasn't. Both times I have combined it with weekly therapy which has been invaluable - learning techniques to deal with anxiety. I highly recommend that.

    Not all drugs suit all people. I tried Aropax before my first course of citalopram and didn't like it at all and gave me funny side effects so it may be a little bit of trial and error to find the right medication to suit you (if you go down that road).

    So first step, GP. If they aren't helpful, please find someone that is. You shouldn't have to feel this way.

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    Default Mild Depression and Anxiety - Anyone had Citalapram before?

    Meds vary amongst people. A lot of people find citro very helpful. I took it briefly years ago and it sort of made me feel a bit better but I had side effect of excessive sleeping so I stopped. Plenty of people do not experience this though, so it's worth a go- may well be very helpful for you!


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