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    Quote Originally Posted by mim1 View Post
    If you google H Harnesses you'll find that they are unneccessary and perhaps even harmful, so you definitely don't need one. The booster seats (or booster variants of the convertible boosters) are meant for normal seat belts.
    I've been doing a bit of looking around since reading this, the CREP website says
    A child safety harness is difficult to fit correctly. Research recommends using a child safety harness only in situations where it is not possible to replace your lap-only seatbelt with a lap-sash seatbelt. In this case, it is recommended to use a booster seat with an anti-submarining feature.
    If you must use a child safety harness, ensure that the shoulder straps are not too tight and that the lap part of the seatbelt is very low across the thighs, otherwise it may ride up into the child's stomach area. Incorrect use of a child safety harness may cause severe submarining and direct contact between the harness system and the child's neck (see video below).
    I think it is because of user error. Currently on hold on the phone to ask. We use a Hi Liner with a Protector Harness which is the 'new' H harness (I think?). We also use it with a gated buckle and the anti-submarine clip.

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    Default When to stop 5 point harness?

    Dd is 5 and 7mths has just always been smaller then average but is now 21kg and 118cm tall all of a sudden. Plus I've had I adjust the head rest to the tallest part.

    I don't feel right just using the seat belt looped through.

    But a h harness isn't recommended now? How hard are they to do correctly?

    Eta just had another look and while DD's shoulders are above the strap hole I found one more hole at the very top to adjust again. Does that mean adjust it once more and then when her shoulders are past that hole change to lap sash? Or because if her weight change the belt now anyway?

    Is it me or is this so confusing?! They really should make it easier to know whats safer.
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