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    Default deviated septum?

    Has anyone else had a deviated septum before?

    I have been having alot of troubles with my sinus's over the past few months (sore throats, sinus infections, ear infections, fluid in ears etc), it started when i was a baby with adnoid troubles, then as a kid/teen with tonsil troubles both of which were fixed by surgery, now as an adult i have been told i have a deviated septum in one side of my nose caused by a cyst which is the reason behind all my sinus troubles.

    I have to see a ears, nose and throat specialist to see about surgery to fix the problem because one side of my nose is almost completely blocked off and i can't shake the above problems because my body can't get rid of the bacteria/crap causing the infections, but i was wondering has anyone else had this problem/know what they do to fix it, i'm a little worried about consulting google because you can get horror stories in google...

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    Oh wow, I am like an expert on deviated septums lol...

    I have a genetic condition whereby the bone in the nose grows over one side of a nostril and deviates the septum. A lot of my family members have it and have had it fixed.

    All you need to do is go to the doctor and he/she will direct you were to go. My brother recently got his sorted out and it was just an operation and a night in hospital. I believe the nose is quite delicate afterwards and you will need about a week off.

    I haven't got mine done yet because my nose is quite crooked and absolutely stuffed due to the bone growing over one side, so I plan to get rhinoplasty when I do get it done and can afford it. Medicare covers fixing the septum but won't cover my nose job. I have had it for about 16 years and can't wait to get it all fixed.

    Unless you have the same condition I have, They will straighten it all up when they're doing the surgery.

    My brother and other relatives have said how relieved they were when they got it done. You should go to the doctor and get it sorted


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