After reading a fair bit, I must agree that most young babies need some sort of settling help from parents. I also read that even if young babies can self settle without any aid, things change when they hit another milestone, eg rolling over, sitting, crawling, standing etc.

Today I tried training my LO (almost 17 weeks) to nap in his woombie (a swaddle) with both arms out (since he shows signs of rolling over soon). Gosh I realised it was seriously easy to settle them to sleep or nap when babies are swaddled cos they are stationary! Now that both arms are out, they are everywhere. I reverted to patting and shooshing besides using a dummy and letting him hold a comforter. All this happened in his cot.

How about you? Did you do like I did? Or do you have other ways of settling your bub esp when they start moving all over the place?