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    Default at breaking point please help!!

    so I'm a mum to 3 beautiful girls aged 9 3 and 16 months.my youngest 2 are terrible sleepers.perhaps by my own doing with the baby as we co sleep.she takes a while to go to sleep and currently wakes maybe 3 times a night.I can handle that if need be.but my threenager is a whole different ball game.she wasn't a great sleeper as a little baby but from 18 months till about a month ago she was awesome.put her in bed say good night and off to sleep she went.but for the last month is been a two hour battle to get her to sleep.every night.as soon as I say its bed time she bursts into tears wanting me to lay with her.she gets so worked up she's throwing up.I'm happy to lay with her for 20 minutes or so but she won't go to sleep for hours if I'm in there and at the same time I have 2 other children that need me and a 16 month old that wakes so I need to tend to her.I don't think she's having nightmares because once asleep she stays asleep but its the drama before hand that puts me in tears every night.I work 4 to 5 days a week.my partner works night shift so its just me doing the night time battle.I have no idea what's brought this on.and I'm exhausted.please does anyone have any ideas on what's caused her to fight bed time and how I can stop it from being 2 hours of crying from both of us
    sorry for the essay

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    Default at breaking point please help!!

    I feel for you we are having similar issues with our dd 3.5 years old. She has a tantrum at bedtime and then wakes constantly with more tantrums. It's like her behavior has suddenly changed as she has been such an easy going kid till now. Sleep has never been great but never this bad

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    Default at breaking point please help!!

    Great big hugs! You poor thing.

    My dd is 2 1/2, she requires us to be with her while she falls asleep. We read her stories, then hugs and kisses and time for sleep. We pat her bottom or rub her tummy, depending if she lies in her tummy or back. We are tough with her though. I turn my face to profile, I refuse to speak to her or answer any questions, she can cry or protest sometimes, but this really works. It's like she tries a few tactics, like 'I'm hungry,' 'not tired,' etc, but when she realises that nothing works, and i will not speak to her, she gives in and goes to sleep.

    I don't know if this has been any help at all, just an idea of what you can try, after much trial and error, that's what we found works for our dd.


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