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    Default Seriously considering homeschooling

    My eldest daughter started Kindy last year (W.A), she's just gone into Pre-Primary yesterday in the same school. I have been thinking about home-schooling since before she even started Kindy but people keep talking me out of it. My husband went to a Private school and I went to Public schools, at the moment DD1 is in a Public Primary school and it's a fairly good school but there are things that just don't sit right with me that I can't shake. I was teased/bullied/abused throughout my school years and I really hate the thought of my children enduring what I did growing up, it's not just a public school thing because my DH went through problems in schooling too.
    DD1 is not a confident child (although she is at home) when we get to school and even before leaving she gets very teary and emotional, she hates seeing me leave and she's always over-stimulated and exhausted/emotional when she gets home. Now if this was her 2nd day of school i'd be over-reacting but this has been going on since she started Kindergarten at the beginning of last year!
    She has the same teacher this year as she did the previous year but she is now in a huge split class Pre-Primary/Year 1's, there seem to be next to no other Pre-Primary students in her class except for only a few couple that she knew from last year, but only 1 other girl.
    The class is just huge and it worries me how can they personalise education with so many students in the class?
    She doesn't make friends well and i'm just affraid she's going to get lost amongst it all. They don't mix with the other classes much so she's not really going to see much of the children she met last year.
    What would you do? Am I honestly being over-sensitive about it? I can just see myself in her completely and I don't think I can live with myself just forcing her to go somewhere she's so unhappy to go to.
    People keep telling me that she won't be socialised at home, but i've seen some really good Christian Home-Schooling programs (we're christians) and i'd love to bring her up in that environment.
    It's such a huge decision though, my DD2 is the complete opposite, she's over-confident, infact I sort of worry she would be the bully rather then get bullied.
    Private-schooling is just too expensive for us, but even then I don't think they really make a huge different necessarily.
    I've been trying to be more organised around the home but home-schooling would require a huge change to our family, and i'd have to get out and involve my kids in the community.

    I just feel at a loss with all this and was hoping some other mothers can give me some insight and advice so I can make the right choices in regards to this. I want to be a good parent and it's the one thing I refuse to stuff up with in life.
    My husband is a full-time worker and i've got university to complete before i'm qualified which I was planning to do via correspondence with openuniverisities. But i'm going to train to be a Nurse so I guess my hours could fit in with home-schooling and hubby's work in future for when I do need to go back to work because obviously home-schooling is a big long-term commitment.

    If anybody has any websites/forums/facebook groups to recommend that would be lovely. Really need some uplifting right now so I don't feel like i'm failing my daughter.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Default Re: Seriously considering homeschooling

    I'm in the same situation as you. I've always felt drawn to hs'ing but due to pressure I started my 5 year old at prep last week. He hates it... I can see he hates it. He's not ready to be away from me (even though he did ok at Kindy last year 3 days a week).

    He was SO anxious and bawling his eyes out this morning so I told him he could have a day off. I just couldn't send him when he was so worried about it.

    I think the answers you get here will very much depend on what side of the fence ppl sit. Some are open to hs'ing some are not.

    My problems come similar to yours, in that we are open to hs'ing... But feel pressure not to stuff it up and at least give our kids a chance to stick it out at school.... I'm very very close to pulling my son out. He has Aspergers syndrome, he's shy, he loves to be alone, and life is short! I'm not sure I'm willing to force him into school when clearly he hates it.

    Probably not much help but thought I'd let you know you're not alone.
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    Default Seriously considering homeschooling

    Happy2be3 my brother has aspergers. He hated school. It was a battle getting his socks on even, he was so upset and worked up by the time we would get him to school. He missed so much school. Yet the professionals advised us against home schooling. We eventually did do home schooling for grades 9 & 10 (or was it part of 8 & 9?) but by then the hatred for all things school-like was well and truly ingrained and he barely completed anything. I wish we (well, mum & dad) had've gone with their gut and home schooled him from way earlier on. Things might be different for my bro now. But please don't bow to the pressure of what everyone else says, about the social aspects and all, because they honestly dont know your child like you do. And a social environment wont change the aspergers tendencies to not want to socialise. It will just do more harm than good.

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    You can make a decision to trial home schooling, see how it goes? The socialization thing, well there are so many groups with other home schooling parents. Especially if you live in a city. It really sounds like you think your little one would do much better at home.
    As for groups, if you use facebook Homeschool Australia is a good one, quite active and supportive.


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