Hi guys,

I know there is a lot of info going around and confusion (I know my head was spinning) regarding what is and is not covered under the Medicare rebate.

I spoke to Medicare today, they refered me to the Health & Ageing Dep (body that sets requirements).

The lady at Health & Ageing advised that Medicare rebate for IVF is ONLY for Medical infertillity and NOT Social infertillity.

This said the exsmple I was given was, a single woman, lesbian or gay couple would be demed to be Social.

I woman who is demed Medically infertile in my case no uterus (which in QLD is a requirement to be legally able to proceed with surrogacy) is still demed Medically infertile. This is left to the Dr to make the statement or identify Medically infertile on the claims forms.

The lady is looking into the issue around coverage for costs to the surogant and advised that the whole surrogacy issue is currently under assesment but that thecnically it is up to the Dr to identify the reason for IVF of the forms.

I am awaiting further info but will post when I have it.

Fingers crossed this may make it a little easier for our dreams to come true.