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    Yep always feel like it's a 1 way street!

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    Yes I do. And actually feel a bit less of a loser reading all these replies! That's the hard thing - the way it makes you feel when you are the one always making the effort or the one who wants to organise catch ups all the time - like the annoying friend who wants to smother....

    I actually a very confident person for the most part, and in my job I have to be socially so, and if you asked anyone at work I'm pretty sure they'd tell you I was quite popular and really comfortable in any social situation to take charge and schmooz and put everyone else at ease....but the reality is I'm so bloody insecure behind all that!!!!

    I also had what I thought was a rock solid bestie - 7 yrs of talking everyday and baring everything and feeling completely secure. All of a sudden I'm getting the cold shoulder and I haven't heard from her at all since 1st January. I'm really upset about it and now think ill be jaded about any future friendships, because if you'd have asked me last yr I would have sworn black and blue that that wasn't even possible


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