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    Im yet to have a child in school but i dont agree with homework either and certainly not if its stressing the child out. Learning should be enjoyable for them.

    Once dd is in school if i think she is getting too much or she doesn't want to do it i will be informing her teacher. They shouldnt be given any homework in primary school imo, esp the first few years!

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    Default Homework battles

    Quote Originally Posted by biscotti View Post
    Just a suggestion

    Do you read together at night? Before bed?
    Could you incorporate the readers into that routine?

    And make it fun. Special mummy and Coop time

    Which book first Coop?
    Let's read it together.

    Let's look at the cover, what do you think it might be about? Why?

    Let's look through the book. Look at the pictures together, discuss what's happening in the illustrations.

    Now Mummy is going to have a turn to read a page, now it's Coop's turn, now time for Mummy, now a page for Coop etc etc. oh this is fun, I love reading with you Coop etc (stay positive!)

    As for the sight words, just do a couple each night. Work them into your afternoon or morning routine, take advantage of any teachable moments if you can rather than make it too formal iykwim.
    Fancy biscuit lady has hit the nail right on the head with this one

    You read to him, pointing to the words as you do so he can follow along. Talk about the pictures, help him try and figure out the story from looking at the pictures :-)

    He won't get penalised for not doing the readers so don't stress too much on that, what will happen though is that he'll struggle in class if his reading and subsequently his writing aren't up to where they should be.

    Take the pressure off a bit, it's only the first week :-)

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    Default Re: Homework battles

    Today we had a playdate over. Playdate left about 15mins ago so we did some reading. There was about 3mins of whinging and a few tears but he read the books several times. I said he only had to read 1 but he read 2 of the 3 today. He was very proud of himself for reading them.

    I tried to get him to look at not just the pictures but also the words. He pointed to the words and read from the pictures too.
    Today was much much better than yesterday.

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    Default Re: Homework battles

    There are some great idea for getting home work done that I will have to try as this is ds's first year of home work and I am not looking forward to it

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