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    Default Prolapse concerns... Probably TMI...

    It's occurred to me that I might have a prolapse. I had a slight 'bulge' when I had to poop after my first baby, but nothing major. I asked the GP and he said it all looked fine, and that it was common and would probably all go back to normal, which I assumed it did.

    Then after DD I thought it had 'changed' and hubby agreed it 'looked' different, but it still functions the same as it always has, and I passed the 6 week exam and didn't think much of it again until this week.

    I've had a cold and I can feel 'movement' in there when I have a coughing fit.

    I've had 2 live births followed by 3 miscarriages and the last 2 were only 2 months apart and the whole area felt so heavy the whole time. Like 39-weeks-pregnant-heavy.

    I don't really have any problems with my bladder (although if I cough or sneeze unexpectedly I do have to do the dash to the loo). There's no pain. It 'works'.

    Here's the REALLY tmi part, but you can see/feel it bulge a little when I cough.

    I have to have a pap anyway, so I am going to the GP. I guess I'm just looking for real life experience to counteract my googling. I have a real sinking feeling in the put of my stomach.
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    Hi there,

    In the interest of helping others I will give TMI! It something people/women don't seem to talk about, and thats a shame...

    I had a prolapse after giving birth to my 3rd child. I didn't have any incontinence issues, but I felt very heavy in the vagina, like there is a grapefruit sitting there trying to get out (haha ), also, when I put my fingers in I could feel (TMI) a soft squishy "thing" there, much lower than I previously knew the top of my vagina to be, if I coughed or strained downwards it would bulge further down. It felt awful. And I too felt devastated! It affected my mentally as much as anything...

    Anyway, I saw a women health physiotherapist at the hospital for quite a while. They can test the severity of the prolapse (measure with a little U/sound device) and give you loads of specific pelvic floor exercises. I also went to a post natal exercise class that focussed on core strength.

    I'm 18 months post partum now and everything is back to normal (thank the lord!) and has been for probably 10mths or so.

    Good luck and I hope that helps

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    Default Prolapse concerns... Probably TMI...

    I have a prolapsed bladder due to having had my DD 22 months ago. I'm now pregnant with my second one and I definitely feel it has become worse. I'm only halfway now, so I'm totally petrified as to how bad it will get by the end of my pregnancy.
    I first noticed the prolapse about a week after giving birth. Initially I thought it was just swelling, then when it didn't go away I started to worry...and I soon realised what it was. I became so depressed and scared. I went and had physio for about 6 months and the physio described the feeling a being like a tampon that is kinda half coming out....or like constantly sitting on an egg!!!! She got that right!!! It's awful and I hate it with a passion and I'm expecting it will get a whole lot worse...but, I have my absolutely adorable DD and I will be forever grateful. So for me, whenever I start to feel down about my prolapse, I look at her and realise I wouldn't change a thing to get her. Good luck.


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