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    Default temping/charting for dummies

    so all you pros out there please can you explain to me the ins and outs of temping? I've never done it before and I'm planning on starting soon so I have no clue where to start?? some questions I have...

    when do I take it?
    do I take it orally?
    what do I look for?
    how exactly do I chart this?

    sorry if this sounds stupid I just feel really lost how to begin the process. we have been not preventing pregnancy for 7 months with no success so I'm getting serious. any other tips or advice would be much appreciated I feel really in the dark about all this..

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    I've been ttc 20 months but only this month have I started to temp. Here's my tips:

    have the themometer on your bedside table and take it before getting up in the morning
    use it in conjunction with OPKs or maybe baby (I'm using all 3 lol)
    use fertility friend - you just put in the temps, then add info like cm, mood, when you have your period etc and it will work out your ovulation for you.

    The only downside to temping is you don't know you have ovulated until it has already happened. Usually it goes down then back up. The back up means you ovulated the day before. that's why it's handy to use opks. They give you warning it's coming, then you get the surge and ovulate 12-24 hours later. Then FF will confirm or dispute that day.


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    Default temping/charting for dummies

    Firstly get a bascal thermometer, you can get these from the chemist.
    I tested first thing in the morning ( orally under my tongue ) I kept it under my pillow ( need to test before anything else)
    I used free aps ( fertility friend works well)
    We temped for a few months prior to TTC so I knew my cycle.

    Things that affected my temping:
    If I had been drinking night before temp was out ( didn't drink when TTC but did during base months)
    If I had flu/ cold temps were out
    If I didn't get enough or had to much sleep temps were out

    Edit: As I had base lines I had averages of when I was likely to conceive

    Hope this helps
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