Hi Fellow Bub Hub Members

I wrote on this website not so long ago about my experience after coming off Depo Provera. Just to update you all i was on depo for a Year and Have now been off it for a year with no period returning. I didnt go back for my injection as me and my long term partner would like to start a family ....My doctor reassured me that i didnt need a period to ovulate and could still fall pregnant what eased my mind a little. 3 weeks ago i went out and brought a 'Maybe Baby' Saliva ovulation kit. I test every morning and have only been seeing Dots. Yesterday morning i totally forgot to test, But this morning i did & I saw some Ferning patterns!!!!!!!!!! Im offically ovulating and my god im so glad its finally starting to happen. Even better my partner who works FIFO is home until Tuesday So i think we will be doing alot of baby dancing over the next few days.
One question though for anyone that has also used 'Maybe Baby' Can you still fall pregnant if theres some dots and a Ferning pattern? or does it have to be fully fern leaves and nothing else?

Thanks guys Megz