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    Default Jelly slice help!

    Yummy I've never heard of this before mmmmmm

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    Sorry for the delay! Hope its not too late to be of help

    Layer 1 (Biscuit)
    1 packet of sweet biscuits (I use Marie)
    6 oz melted butter

    Layer 2 (Cream)
    2 Cans condensed milk
    Juice from 3 lemons (I do about 2-3 TBSP of the bottled lemon juice)
    4tsp Unflavored Gelatin
    1 1/2 Cups Boiling Water

    Layer 3 (Jelly)
    2 Packets of jelly (traditionally raspberry)

    Line a slice tin with Baking paper.
    Crush biscuits, Mix with Melted butter. Press into slice tin.
    Let sit until really well set (an hour at least)

    Mix lemon juice and condensed milk together. Dissolve the gelatin into the boiling water. Once all dissolved, mix with lemon juice and condensed milk. Mix well, then gently pour over the base. Place in fridge to set.

    Its ready to do the jelly layer when you can touch it, and it bounces and doesnt stick to your finger (like well set jelly)

    When mixing the Jelly, only use enough boiling water to dissolve the crystals. Once they are dissolved, add some ice cubes/crushed ice and mix it around until they are dissolved, then make up to about 900ml, not the 1L you normally would if making as per packet directions.

    When the jelly is cold (leave sitting at room temp if still warm) pour it over the cream layer, use the back side of a table or soup spoon close to the cream layer so it doesnt create holes in it, or mix the 2 layers. Put in the fridge until the jelly is set.

    once set, cut and serve yummy!

    I add a pinch of extra gelatin to the cream layer as well for extra effect. Maybe an extra 1/8th TSP?

    Also, This sounds really gross, but to press the biscuit down well, i use 2 trays the same size, put an extra piece of paper over the biscuit layer, and press down really hard. Helps get it level, and presses it down really firm, especially if you put it on the floor and kneel beside it, pressing

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    Default Jelly slice help!

    Yes use gelatin in the middle layer, the first time I made a jelly slice I forgot the gelatin and it just turned to a huge mush!

    Although if your recipe calls for cream cheese maybe that is what sets it?


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