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    Default Child Health nurses

    I first met my nurse 7 years ago. I still go to her for advice and she is amazing with advice and even just to have a vent to. She always makes time for when I pop in

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    I no longer have the need for a CHN now, but I had a wonderful CHN with DD1 & 2 and then when DD3 came along I found out she had moved to the next suburb so I changed to her centre so I could see her again!

    She was lovely and very sensible, never made me feel bad for any of things we did and always had good advice around sleeping, settling and feeding etc.

    DD3 was a big baby 4.5 kilos at birth but 4 days after birth had lost weight and wasn't back to her birth weight. The nurses at the hospital fussed around and made comments about how she should have gained more and how they were reluctant to let us come home etc. A week later she still wasn't up to her birthweight but our lovely CHN put my mind at ease, said she was otherwise fine and healthy and not to stress about it. Turns out it took her until 6 weeks to get back to her birthweight, she was a perfectly healthy baby. I have had friends who have had a CHN who have fussed about the babies weight gain and made them weigh the baby at home daily to monitor the weight causes mum to stress and worry about their ability to feed bub. Lucky we had a good nurse! They are out there.


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