Hi everyone,

I am new here, I'm 33 and have a 3 year old daughter thanks to a fresh cycle.
We have 10 left over frozen embryos from her cycle.

Anywho, we started a few months ago to try and use our frozen embryos. This was halted when I had to have surgery on my breast to remove ducts and wait for a Couple of months for the recovery of that.
Last month my I had to cancel the FET cycle at the eleventh hour as I had a virus that our doc thought could pose a problem. My lining was 7.0 at day 10 which was considered ok.
Anyway, this month my lining at day 10 was 5.6 so they kept me on estradiol 50mg for another week and to check the lining today. But bad news, it was 4.2!! So needless to say, the cycle was cancelled. I am seeing our fs tomorrow to see about a new regime he has in mind that is used at the fertility clinic at RPA.
Just wanting to find out if anyone out there had success with alternative treatments for thin lining? I have tried accupuncture and raspberry leaf tea, low dose aspirin...