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    Default Needing advice - son starting school for first time

    My son is 4 turning 5 in April this year. He is starting pre-primary next week. We just missed out on a spot for him in Kindy last year so I'm very worried for him being in school fulltime for the first time. I'm always talking positively to him about school and how much fun it will be in that he will learn lots and make new friends but its eating me up inside. I've taken him to the school for a tour. He's never been to daycare as my retired parents have looked after him while we're at work. All of our friends have either much older kids or much younger kids so he's had limited contact with kids his own age. We had him going to Kindy gym last year but the kids were younger so he didn't interact with them much. Has any other parent out there been in a similar situation & how did you cope? I just think it would be better if he could be phased in slowly to fulltime pre-primary I just know he's going to be terrified and crying when I go to leave him on his first day

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    Hi Alexgmum

    My daughter is 5. I'm from the UK so she started school in September 2011 when she was 4. She did go to nursery part-time the year before starting school, so our situation wasn't exactly the same as yours. However, my daughter was (and still is) VERY, VERY shy. This was my concern at the time. The school we sent her to was in no way affiliated with the nursery she went to, so none of the friends she made at nursery were going to be sharing her new school experience with her. I was worried too.

    So when she started school, she did cry, probably every day for the first week, and it's not nice to see. But after only a week or so she had a made a new friend who she loved and never stopped talking about her. I'm sure your son will be have a similar experience too. It will take him a little while to get used to it (you too) but rest assure that the teachers are very used to children feeling upset and scared by the changes, and they will encourage him to get involved and help him to settle in. And you never know, he might actually surprise you and be just fine. Just because he hasn't had a huge amount of interaction with kids his own age doesn't mean he won't love it! :-)

    Small children adapt to change very quickly. I promise you that whatever anxiety you both feel at the beginning will be gone after just a couple of weeks. Good luck!

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    Please don't repeat your last sentence
    it will be much more easier if you believe deep in yourself that every thing will be okay, your words to your child will never effect him if you didn't believe in what you are saying, so cheer up and never panic
    everything will be just fine, of course you won't expect a very nice tear-free goodbye, preschoolers usually have some kind of separation anxiety at the beginning, so you have to get ready, you can read about separation anxiety in preschoolers and how to deal with:
    but never say he's going to be terrified, and he won't
    good luck


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